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The Funked Up Mary

a person standing in front of a birthday cake

While we may not condone living on a liquid diet, when you order The Funked Up Mary, it may be all you need. This MASSIVE Bloody Mary is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all rolled into one drink. 

In one frosty 24oz mug, we combine A LOT of vodka and spicy (but not too spicy) Zing Zang mix, and rim the top with classic Old Bay seasoning; but it’s not over yet.... We then top it off with a fresh shrimp, a big ole wedge of pepperjack cheese, a sweet gherkin, a zesty Slim Jim, a couple olives, and a cool cucumber slice (just in case you need a little cooling off). 

One look at this drink and you may be a bit intimidated, but we assure you that it’s the best way to get FUNKY and stay FUNKY, no matter the time of day.

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