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Orange Creamsicle

a hand holding a glass of orange juice

As soon as you order this drink, you can hear the ice cream truck rolling down the street. The only difference this time, is that you’re not just paying the Good Humor man to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’re doing that AND getting FUNKED up in the process. 

The Orange Creamsicle combines an old childhood favorite with some whipped cream vodka, tart orange liqueur, and sweet orange & vanilla cream, all topped with some fresh whipped cream and a Florida orange wedge. All blended together it becomes a thick, boozy milkshake. 

It’ll cool you off in the summertime, and bring you back to a simpler time when the only worry in life was waiting for the ice cream truck to cruise down into your neighborhood. 

Even better, you can order a virgin creamsicle to share with the kids, and teach them about this classic treat any time of year!